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Dinosaur Links

Just a couple of links for now, and great ones at that. More to be added soon...

Stumbled on this one quite recently. I can't believe I didn't have the luck to come
across it sooner. Check it out for yourself. Some fabulous dinosaur artwork,
as well as pretty much anything else relating to the world of dinosaurs.

Recently updated, an excellent resource with hundreds of illustrations contributed
by many different artist. Very useful if you are looking for reference or you just
want to see some great artwork.

3D Links

Coming soon. Our other half. Various works including 3D Interior design,
3d Product design, 3D Games and other miscellaneous 3D pieces. Additionally our
site will also include 3D tutorials, and a freebie 3D model download section.

As a lightwaver, I have to put this site at the top. Well nearly. A fabulous site,
previously known as Primordial Soup, it's been around for years, and is still the
No.1 resource for Lightwave news, tutorials, plug-ins and jobs. Excellent stuff.

Again a lightwave site, and I have to give full props to Scott cameron for this site.
Like Flay it's been around for as long as I remember, and if you are looking for a
tutorial or are stuck on a lightwave 3d project, then check this out. Nicely laid out
into categories, and updated regularly, there are hundreds of tutorials to be found

Probably the No.1 CG Artist forum out there. If your an artist 3d/2d or otherwise
and you need advice, news, or just want to check out some awe inspiring art
pieces from artist all over the world, then click on the link.

I like this site, and for 3d artist, especially the 3d newcomer, I would recommend
checking it out. Forum, Jobs, object and tutorials, it's got the lot.

Again another excellent resource, like Flay, for all 3D Artist whatever your
platform. This site has a particularly well laid out and comprehensive free
textures and objects section.

Apart from being the official site to order your copy of Lightwave, it has a great
forum, and some very helpful tutorials for the newbie and advanced user.

more to come.....