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How to Keep Dinosaurs
Robert Mash and Richard Dawkins -Authors

Weidenfeld Nicolson Illustrated; ISBN: 0297843478

The complete guide to choosing and bringing up your dinosaur,
from lap dinosaurs to less tractable beasts.

Hollywood and the popular press would have us believe that all dinosaurs are gigantic, hostile and
untameable. In fact, there are many species that make charming and even useful companions.
From Compsognathus (mild-mannered and affectionate - once it has learnt to recognize its owner) to
Deinonychus (will not eat dog food - dogs are another matter) this book advises you which dinosaur is
right for you and your home, from the city apartment dweller looking for a lap pet, to the country
estate owner looking to tighten up on security. This book is packed with the sort of information keen
dinosaur keepers crave - from feeding and housing to curing common ailments, breeding and showing
your animal. It will even tell you where you can purchase your new pet.

The author, a zoologist with extensive experience of dinosaurs, has provided a timely and much-
needed source book for all those who keep dinosaurs and for the huge numbers who are contemplating
getting one. It is as essential to every dinosaur keeper as a stout shovel and a tranquilizer rifle.
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life

David Lambert - Author

Dorling Kindersley - ISBN 0751309559

Fully researched and authenticated by experts from the American Museum of
Natural History

Cutting-edge computer-generated reconstructions bring prehistoric creatures to life in lavish double-
page location spreads.
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life (DK Handbooks series)
Hazel Richardson - Author

Dorling Kindersley - ISBN 075133734X

Over 5 million copies sold worldwide.
Authoritative text, photo-realistic artwork and a systematic approach make the Dorling Kindersley
Handbook of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life the definitive pocket guide to these early creatures.

Packed with more than 700 full-colour illustrations, it paints a vivid portrait of these extraordinary
animals and the world they inhabited millions of years ago.

Profiles over 200 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

Crystal-clear artworks, including stunningly realistic digital images, show how the animal may have
appeared in the flesh.

Dinosaurs (Collins Wild Guide)
Adam yates -Author

HarperCollins Publishers - ISBN: 0007122861
With 120 species described in detail, each illustrated with a full-colour, computer-generated image
which brings it to life, this is a "photographic" identification guide to this fascinating group of creatures.

As well as descriptive text for each species and its related family, there is an ID fact file which
lists all the important information at a glance. A time line indicates the era in which the dinosaur lived
and a scale guide also accompanies each one. Additional features such as eggs and habitat may also
be illustrated.