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Who is behind critters.pixel-shack.com?


Initially based in LondonW1 and operating out of Bedrock Studios Ltd, alliances
were formed during production of 3D digital Dinosaurs for a series of books
created for IMP and the BBC to suppliment the highly successful "Walking with
Dinosaurs" TV series. With improvements in electronic data transfer, remote
production services became a reality and the decision to relocate to Thailand and
The UAE as a legitimate way of reducing overheads to our clients was made.

What do they do?

Creation of digital content, whether moving or still, for just about any use is
essentially the service offered. Although predominant subject genres cover
extensive Paleontological themes, as shown in the critters gallery, pixel-shack
can cater to any subject of interest.

Some clients and institutions and individuals who have worked with us on
some of our titles include:

The BBC, IMP, HarperCollins Publishers, Dorling Kindersley, Bristol University,
American Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonean Institute, Dr Michael
Benton, David Lambert, Darren Naish, Elizabeth Wyse, Adam Yates, Hazel
Richardson, Dr David Norman, and Robert Mash to name but a few.

Why pixel-shack?

Put quite simply, a track record of remote project work highlights a cost effective,
low risk solution to creative digital requirements, whatever the use or subject.